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Our aim

This community is built around a passion for the discovery of companies in the early stages of developing disruptive technologies and solutions. We are committed to rigorous, fact based, interrogative Due Diligence as the preferred method of identifying these opportunities. To that end, we should all be working toward the following Goals as a community.

Where we gather

These are the various homes we have on the internet. Where we research, discuss, socialize and share our journeys and our knowledge.


This is my personal Twitter. Follow me for personal opinions, finds and interactions here.



The PennyQueen Discord is where the most in-depth, active, ongoing and interactive magic happens. Where channels exist for those stocks we have the most interest, confidence and/or curiosity about are discussed, researched and analyzed. This is also the socially active home for our community, where we share our knowledge and our experience. If you're looking for the full community experience, start here, join us, and engage.

PennyQueen Discord Community


The subreddit r/PennyQueen is my home on Reddit. Join and follow for in-depth Due Diligence (DD), discussion and interaction around my published DDs, stock picks, and my, and our, thoughts on potential companies for investment.


Terms, conditions & goals

The following rules are important for creating and maintaining a healthy and constructive community.


Recognize that above everything, we are all here to make money. We might disagree on the HOW, but we are all here for the same reason.


Respect each other both personally, and broadly, which is to say that we as a community reject any sort of bigotry in this space. It is not a place for your political argument and it is not a place to air personal resentment.


Recognize we might disagree at times. That’s fine. If you’re part of a heated conversation, step back and take some time to cool down, especially if the Admins tell you to do so.


Recognize that even if you disagree with someone’s DD, they put effort into it, and that effort should be respected. Disagreeing respectfully by using facts and figures to bring clarity to fellow members DD is encouraged.


Use facts and cite sources. No FUD, and no stating your opinion as fact no matter how passionately you believe it.


Treat this space like a workplace. Don’t spam. Don’t troll. Don’t meme. Don’t bring fights from other platforms here.


Recognize that we are all starting with different levels of knowledge and nobody should be shamed for what they don’t know, or are trying to learn.


Respect the purpose of each channel or discussion area in our community. Have, and move, conversations to those areas most suited to them. Admins may delete conversations in areas they don't belong from time to time. This is not personal, and is intended to keep information relevant and valuable where it is needed and sought. We have areas suited to all manner of trading, research, stock, and social interactions. Honor that and keep our community healthy.