About Penny

I am a mom, a wife, a farmer, and have spent the last 15 years in the fire service as a firefighter and then lieutenant. I have bought and sold several businesses and can usually be found taking some sort of coursework. I stumbled upon investing when the sale of a business left money burning a hole in my pocket and I have been addicted ever since.

As an investor I am passionate about companies that will change the world through disruptive and clean technologies.

I started the PennyQueen community as a place where new and seasoned investors could share their ideas, knowledge, and research. There is a great deal of power in our collective minds and money. I believe everyday investors can have above average returns.

I personally have managed over 1800% growth in my portfolio in the last year and a half and since starting this community my picks have averaged 125% growth and a peak growth average of almost 200%.

I pride myself on transparency. I do not accept payment from anyone. This is not a job, and I view my independence as critical to the trust of this community. I keep a live record of my picks (good or bad) and keep everyone updated on developments within those picks.

Everyone is welcome here, bulls, bears, beginners and experts. Just remember to be nice and to show everyone respect.

Join us as we add resources, tools, information and discussions here, and grow our various online community forums, and pool our collective understanding towards growing our individual financial freedom. I'm excited to have you here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions I get asked frequently.

How much does this cost?

Everything on my sites and channels is free. If you get a request for anything that cost money, know it isn’t from me and please report it!

How do you make money?

I look for undervalued companies that possess strong management and have a lot of upcoming catalysts, I invest heavily in the companies that I feel have the best potential.

Does anyone pay you?

NO, I do not accept payment directly or indirectly from any companies or groups. My picks are completely independent and everything I write or say is my opinion only (and not financial advice).

Why do you post your research?

Investing is a passion for me, and I find it stress relieving (even on red days). I also think that a lot of the financial world is built to exclude your everyday investor and that with research you can level the playing field.

What kind of companies do you like?

My favorite companies are those pursuing clean or disruptive technologies. I think they make sense from both an investing and social perspective. I like to vote with my dollars. I will make investments in companies that are outside of this if I think it is a really good opportunity.

Get in touch

If you have any questions, you can find me on my Discord server here. Just look for @PennyQueen.

We have a robust community of like-minded investors, and the admins and other members are always happy to help new members find their way around.